Roof Restorations Frankston

A professional roof restoration is an extremely important project. Your roof is the most significant part of your home and at Complete Roof Care we want you to feel comfortable that you have entrusted the right tradespeople for the longevity of your family home and the performance of your rooftop. We take our roof restorations very seriously and provide each family with a 100% Quality Guarantee for 10 years.

A full roof restoration involves, cleaning all roofing materials, cleaning and clearing gutters, repointing and replacing all mortar, replacing and repairing all broken tiles and painting your entire roof with a premium, industrial grade paint that is matched to your rooftop. A professional roof restoration is our most popular service.

Before and after our roof restoration

You can trust Complete Roof Care

Why you should use trusted professionals for your roof restoration
  • Trained roofing experts inspect your roof and advise on the safest, most cost-effective course of action.
  • We fully replace all cracked and damaged tiles, check all water courses ensuring your roof is 100% waterproof.
  • Carefully apply an industrial grade de-mossing solution to the tiles. This will remove all the moss and lichen as well as any built up dirt.
  • Using an industrial high powered pressure cleaner, we blast away all dirt, moss, lichen and pollution.
  • Old rusted valley irons are removed and replaced with new ones.
  • All roof flashings are assessed and repaired and/or replaced (if necessary).
  • All old tile mortar is completely removed, blow cleaned and the new cement bedding is carefully laid.
  • Cleaning - All gutters are cleaned and leaves, gunk, debris and dirt is fully removed leaving your entire roof like new!
  • Repointing - We will thoroughly repoint your roof. All ridges, hips and gables are repointed. We carefully mix a colour compound to perfectly match your roof tiles.
  • Painting - We will mix and paint your roof using the highest quality sealants and paints to ensure the longevity and beauty of your home.

Call us now for a free quote and take comfort in knowing you’re receiving expert advice; our first priority is to give our customers the best possible advice using our years of experience.

We treat every job as if it were the roof of our own family home.